In 1989, Graffiti Writers used black books to archive sketches of letters, photographs of
trains, bridges, walls and subways, but they slowly disappeared prior to the emergence of the
internet, because carrying a Black Book in a backpack was dangerous and not only because of the Anti-Graffiti Squad, but because losing it was like losing a testicle.
Times change, but the Black Book still haunts Writers’ minds.

In 2008, Demsky and Sozyone started a new project called ‘Vltramotions’, with the intention of reanimating the authentic unuseful but miraculous and genius spirit of the 90’s Black Book. Making nonsense images, words with no explanation, travelling with no luggage, pictures
of Crews, international and Olympic tags between portraits of thugs, naughty girls and warriors
covered in black and silver enamel dust.

In 2010, we can finally see this first Video Black Book of Demsky and Sozyone: Vltraje Stealing Walls, it’s about ten thousand kilometres compressed into thirteen minutes, seven chapters and two thousand photographs. It’s like a Van Cleef & Arpels’ window for an expert thief – beautiful to watch, hard to get.

(via 12ozprophet)