Sufjan Stevens bringt am 14.11. die mittlerweile 10. Auflage seiner Weihnachtslieder heraus. Wer 120$ übrig hat, kann sich hier die limited edition bestellen. Die beinhaltet:

1. One of only 2000 Limited Edition Boxsets, including five EPs on 6 vinyl discs (ships only to the United States, Canada and the EU)
2. Christmas stickers
3. Temporary tattoos (non-toxic & safe for children)
4. Paper ornament (self-assembly with directions)
5. 40-page Christmas songbook with vocal and piano reductions
6. Christmas coloring book
7. Hallucinogenic photographs and psychedelic graphic design (by Sufjan Stevens, drug-free since 1975)
8. Extensive liner notes (introductory salutations and an essay on the Christmas tree by Sufjan Stevens, and a few theological words on the End Times by Pastor Vito Aiuto)
9. Membership to the Silver & Gold email list—you’ll hear about new tracks, videos, and other content before anyone else.