Klingt komisch, is aber so. Interpol Sänger Paul Banks hat ein Hip-Hop Mixtape mit dem illustren Namen “Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be” zusammengeschustert, dass unter Anderem El-P, High Prizm, Talib Kweli und Mike G. featured.


1.Rise Like The Sea
2.Best Kill Me
5.What’s In The Box (feat. Talib Kweli)
6.Iron Mike
7.Just Don’t Buy It (Demo Excerpt)
8.Young Again (Demo Excerpt)
9.It Was A Goal
10.Only A Man (I Work For Dick Jones)
11.Young Again (Demo Excerpt Pt II)
12.Trace (feat. High Prizm)
13.What’s In The Box Reprise (feat. Mike G)
14.Arise, Awake (Demo Excerpt)
15.Show You My Footage
16.Music From Club Scene – Burma
17.Calgary Palm Springs
18.Denmark (Fetch)
19.Lost Weekend (Young Again First Demo Excerpt)
20.Quite Enough (feat. El-P)
21.Spank Beat

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